Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cannon Baby Shower

Sunday night, our church threw a baby shower for "Aunt" Michele and "Uncle" Ryan. Their baby girl is due on March 11.
Mommy went with a bright pink and orange color scheme for the shower decor. She didn't even know those are the colors "Aunt" Michele is using for Laylabell's (that's the name we made up for her since Ryan and Michele haven't decided on one yet) bathroom!

Cake table.

Michele is Mommy's go-to person when she needs a cake. So when Michele told Mommy she was pregnant, one of Mommy's first thoughts was "Who in the world will we get to make her shower cake?"! Luckily, Mommy happened to know somebody who knew somebody.

Part of the food table.

How sweet are these baby bootie petit fours? They were provided by a baker in our church named Barbara. She brought four large trays of these chocolate petit fours and strawberry tea cookies to the shower because she wanted to bless "Uncle" Ryan's parents*.

I hear the petit fours and tea cookies tasted every bit as wonderful as they looked, too!

The Krannon (clever combo of Kracht and Cannon) siblings...minus Christina's husband, Jesse!
Everyone in this picture has had a significant impact on Mommy's life...which means they've also had a significant impact on my life!

Baby Laylabell, I can't wait for you to get here! We will play in the nursery, slide on the benches in the prayer room, and marvel at your mommy's magnificent baking skills together.

*This is "Uncle" Ryan's mommy, Donna.
She has spent decades touching lives as a wife, mommy, teacher, and friend. Right now, Donna is in the hospital with three ulcers and one blood clot. She is in a terrible amount of pain, and I know she would really appreciate your prayers.