Thursday, January 21, 2010

Playing With Mommy

Mommy and I tried to take a few pics while we were playing together yesterday. None of them came out just great, but we think they managed to capture how much fun we have together.
Daddy especially loves this shot.

Mommy is so thankful to be staying at home with me this school year. She is praying that God will make a way for her to stay home another year.

We sure do love each other!


Mary said...

You guys look so great. Judah is finally walking around on the furniture. He stood for the first time all by himself yesterday!! (I guess he felt he needed a major accomplishment after the bungee jump with no cord from the crib!) Still no teeth yet. He has two coming through but they haven't quite made their grand entrance!
How is Katy Bug? Has she cut any teeth yet? What does she like to eat?

Katie Bug said...

Bug is doing great! She does have two teeth on the bottom. It seems like there may be another bottom tooth and a top tooth trying to make their way through, as well.
Right now she really likes bananas, bread, cheese, corn, grapes, chicken, and peaches.

Kristine said...

These are such adorable pictures!