Thursday, February 25, 2010


Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

This week's Show Us Your Life feature on Kelly's Korner is centered around collections. We have quite a few of those in our house!

As most of you know, I collect bows. Big bows, feather bows, flower bows, medium bows, korker bows, and (a few) small bows.

What isn't so well known is that I also collect children's literature.
Here we have my shelf of board books.

And this is my shelf of big girl, non-board books. For some reason, this shelf is out of my reach.
There are boxes and boxes of more big girl books in our attic. They used to live in Mommy's classroom, but she brought them home at the end of last school year. When I get a little bit bigger, they will join me in the house. I'm not sure where Mommy is going to put all of them, though. There are quite literally over 1,000 books up there!

My Mommy, along with about 75% of the Mommy population, enjoys collecting Willow Tree figurines. She normally doesn't have all of the figurines in one spot, though. They are spread out throughout our living area. Mommy remembers the giver of and story behind each figurine!

The next collection is one Mommy and Daddy have worked on together. It may be a rather small collection of crosses, but it serves as a constant reminder of the sacrifice that purchased our freedom from sin.
At first, Mommy and I didn't think Daddy had his own collection to add to this post. As we were cleaning the house this week, though, we started noticing these all over the place.
This guy loves his remotes! Daddy insisted that his iPhone be included in this collection, since he has an application that allows him to use it as a remote.

Well, that about covers the collections of the Bug family. Unless you want to count dust, dirt, and diapers as that case, we could go on and on!


Cara Beth said...

ha! Cute! I love all of your crosses! What a great reminder for you to see everyday! Love your blog!

Oxford Impressions said...

Love your blog from the baby's perspective. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog this morning. Ya'll have a lot of remote controllers !

Crystal said...

How fun. I collect crosses, and have one of yours. It is one of my favs and posted on my blog as well. =)

Lesli said... funny, we have alot in common.. I also love collecting bows etc. and have a TON of them as well as children's books, we have tubs downstairs for right now because we have so many upstairs. Oh and I have just started a little collection of crosses.. love them! I would love to have the Willow Tree nativity scene...It is on my wish list!! Thanks for sharing an since you love bows, I am having a giveaway over at my blog that inludes a huge lot of bows, hats, flower clips for little girsl.. feel free to hop over and check it out.. I will be picking a winner this weekend!

Summer said...

O.K. girly we have lots in common! I heart bows for my little girl Kelcee....I think she has lie 200...Willow tree is my fav....I buy them as Christmas gifts alot....
Your blog is super cute....
Have A Happy Friday
Summer :0)