Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Best

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day was filled with as much love as mine. As soon as Mommy and I pulled into the parking lot at church today, I was greeted with this handmade Valentine from Preston and Ian.
I see Mommy smile every time she glances at this guy. She has promised to keep it in a safe place until I'm old enough to safegaurd it myself. Won't this be a great piece of memorabilia to pull out when Ian and I graduate from high school in 2028 ? I can already see the tears in Mommy's eyes!

Speaking of tears in mommy's eyes, take a look at this picture from Valentine's Day 2009. What a difference a year makes!

Here's another pic from last Valentine's Day.
Uncle B and Aunt Di had stopped by our house to see me on this day of love. They were talking about how special it is to be a parent, when Mommy shared (with tears in her eyes) that she hadn't been prepared for the feelings of love she was greeted with as a new mom. Her heart almost stopped beating (and the tears nearly became a tsunami) when Aunt Di told her that the way she felt about me right then was the way she'd always feel about me. Mommy just wasn't sure she could handle a lifetime of such intense emotions!
I'm happy to say that one year later, Mommy is even more in love with me than she was when I was only ten days old. She is, however, learning to balance the heart crushing adoration with laughter inducing moments like these:
I mean, seriously, who can keep a straight face when faced with such adorable laziness?


wife and boys said...

I love it that our Valentine made it on the day's highlights (and on your fridge)!

I also love another of the couch potato pictures!!