Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Best

I am pleased to inform you that MMR vaccine fallout appears to be over! My body no longer feels like it's on fire, the sparkle is back in my eyes, and I am once again capable of being out of the arms of Mommy/Daddy for longer than 30 seconds.

Today was our church's annual Missions' Banquet, so I decided to wear my Thai outfit to morning worship. Grammy Joy bought this pantset for me when she visited Thailand in May of 2008. Joy didn't even know that Mommy was (barely) pregnant when she left for Thailand, but she did have an inkling that a baby Moss would be on the way soon. I sure am glad she acted on that inkling when she saw this outfit!

Mommy thought we could get away with forgoing the bow this morning. Not the brightest idea when I'm wearing all blue, let me tell you! Mommy was holding me in the church foyer when someone asked, "Where's your little girl today?"
Hmm, guess we should stick with the bows for a while yet.

Mommy really wanted to take a family pic after service, but I just wasn't in the mood.
Notice what made its way onto my head?

I did a wardrobe change for the banquet tonight. Here you have Mimi and I modeling our Mongolian finery.

These clothes came from Baby Karsyn's grandparents, who serve as missionaries in Mongolia. They gave me some Mongolian boots, too, but since my feet have grown at a much faster rate than the rest of my body they had to stay at home.

Mommy got a good laugh out of this scene. Danielle and Auntie were mixing (coffee) drinks at a church banquet!
Seriously, though, our family loves the fact that we are part of a very missions minded church. We support over 50 missionaries/missions organizations in the US and countries around the world. About 20 of those missionaries came right out of our own congregation! Every year our Missions Banquet serves as a reminder for us to support our missionary family through prayer, meet their personal and ministry needs through our financial giving, and ask God how we can further partner with them in expanding His kingdom.


Brooklynn said...

That picture with your Mom and Katie is just too cute!!

Britt said...

I'm glad to hear the Bug is feeling better from her MMR and you'll be in our thoughts. I'm sure your OB is right on the lump, but smart to get a move on things before someone calls you.

Thanks, I love Carter's smile too. He's always smiling! I just love it!

And, thank you for the pantry latch info. I think my hubby has a weekend project ahead of him. :)

Kristine said...

I love her outfits! They are adorable!!!