Saturday, February 27, 2010


I got to check one more item off my list of New Year's Resolutions today when Mommy and Daddy took me to the zoo!

Actually, Mommy and Daddy took their Little Brother (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) to the zoo and let me come along for the ride. As evidenced in the following pictures, I was mesmerized by all the sights and sounds of the zoo. There was no looking at the camera for me! (Just in case you're wondering, Mommy did get permission to post our Little Brother's pic.)

He looks tiny in this picture, but that lion behind us sure did have one big roar! We heard him roaring lots today.

We had perfect zoo weather today! I even got to bust out my sunscreen and this super cutie sun hat.

Daddy was a little disappointed with our combined weight. He really did not expect to weigh as much as 40.5 chickens. That a lot of bawk, bawks!

Mommy just notified me that we somehow managed to miss every primate but the gorilla. Guess we'll have to plan another trip to the zoo soon!


Brooklynn said...

So cute! That is so awesome you guys are a part of the Big Brother program!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!!! So glad you stopped my blog........Love yours by the way.......Im now a follower of yours!:)

Debbie said...

Great weekend for the zoo! We headed over today after church - the monkey's put on quite a show for us, so that was fun for the kiddos. Thanks for visiting!

The Bradshaw's said...

I can't wait till it's warmer during the week so that I can take Austin to the zoo. He loves it there! Maybe we can have a playdate there together one day

Katie Bug said...

Tanya- that would be great!

Brooke said...

That hat she is wearing is so cute!