Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Arboretum Adventure

On Tuesday I took Mommy back to the Arboretum for another visit. The weather was beautiful again, even if it was a little muddy.

This time, we were joined by "Aunt" Tara, Preston, and Ian.
Preston and Ian just got this new double jogger stroller. It looked super comfy!

We found a lovely shaded spot that was perfect for snapping a few pictures. Someone had even put this big 'ol pumpkin up on the bench for us! There were about 50 kajillion pumpkins at the Arborteum, but this was the only one I took a picture with this time.

Ian and I had fun playing in the (almost) dry grass. Ian was very sweet about sharing his toys with me...even though I only wanted to play with the toys he was holding.

Did you notice that Ian has a Top Model pose, just like my cousin Micah?

Perhaps the biggest news of the day, though, was when Mommy said, "Ok, I'll admit it...that bow is too big."

I know I've never heard those words before!


Erin and Chris said...

I'm just jealous she will keep the bows on. Ava has never kept a bow in her hair, and I started early.