Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yesterday, Mommy and I got to the library just in time for Baby Bookworms...and then found out there was no BB this week :(
Maybe Mommy should have listened to herself when she said, "I should check online to make sure it's still planned for today." Oh well! I had fun crawling around the board book section while Mommy picked out a few good baby books. Those metal shelves make the most wonderful sound when I bang on them!

The biggest news of the day, though, is that we have a few more members of Team Pink!

That's right...Ryan and Michele found out they are having a girl! When Mommy told me the news I squealed in joy.

I can't wait to wear the matching dresses Mommy and I bought for Baby Girl Cannon, Baby Girl Headley, and me!


alyssa685 said...

I can't wait until Katie bug has all her new girlfriends to play with!