Saturday, October 17, 2009

State Fair

Yesterday I had my first annual visit to the State Fair of Texas. The weather was beautiful, the food was fried, and the germs were abundant!

I started out the trip in my "serious girl" mode. The Fair is serious business, you know.
I was seriously about checking out the goats in the Childrens' Barnyard. Mommy wouldn't let me touch one single thing in there...and she bathed our hands in sanitizer as soon as we walked out!

Chilling on Daddy's shoulders while checking out the car show. I was helping Mommy and Daddy pick out their next car.
*Mommy would like you to know that she did put socks on my feet. They just wouldn't stay on for long.*
Found one, guys!
By the time we made it to Big Tex I was back to being a serious girl. Who has time to pose for pictures with all the people and places to take in?
Daddy with his frozen sweet tea. I have been told this is very yummy.
We had some left over tickets on our way out, so Mommy decided to use them on fried Jelly Bellys.
She said they were not so yummy (but I happen to know that she ate them all anyway).
Daddy making fun of Mommy for taking pictures of food.


alyssa685 said...

There is no evidence that Auntie A was there with Bug...but I was and I had a blast!

The Bradshaw's said...

I <3 the expression you have with the fried jelly bellies. You shouldn've tried the fried oreos - YUM!! Check out our Fair posts. Oh and the sanitizing thing - This momma did that too. I even brought my own Clorox wipes LOL