Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beautiful Fall Weather

I took Mommy outside yesterday to enjoy the lovely fall weather we are having around here.
Mommy's phone is becoming one of my favorite toys. It's a good thing she only goes for the free upgrade phone, because it may become slobber-logged soon!
Everywhere I turned my eyes spied yummy things to eat, but Mommy kept ruining my culinary fun!
"How dare you take that grass out of my mouth!"


Havard Family said...

She looks so offended in the last picture, haha!

alyssa685 said...

I love the pictures in this post. Totally captures some of her most common faces!

Crys said...

Ha! Love that face when you must've taken that grass from her :)

Kristine P. said...

Avery was in daycare from about 9 months to about a year and a few months. She came home one day doing the baby signs and was like...what??? but it was such a life saver! I'm glad she knows some..I think it helps them when they need to communicate certain things but can't.