Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Day With Auntie

Yesterday I hung out with Auntie while Mommy finished up her week of first grade subbing. Here is a glimpse into our day.
While Auntie snapped pictures of me, I snacked on Mommy's camera case.

I tried to drink water from my sippy, but just couldn't make it work. When Mommy came home she told us it was because Auntie forgot to attach the straw! Oops.

Auntie worked really hard to get me to look at the camera when we went outside. There are just too many other interesting things to look at out there (but I did oblige her once).

We played outside on my blanket for a long time. My toys and my puppies kept me very entertained!

Then Mommy came home, and it was cuddle time!

Thank you for staying with me today, Auntie! I had so much fun with you.


Havard Family said...

She is just too cute! That pic of her cuddling with you is precious, look how much she missed mommy!

alyssa685 said...

she sure did have an awesome day with her Auntie!