Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pastor and Grammy Joy's House

Tuesday night I took Mommy and Daddy over to Pastor and Grammy Joy's house for dinner. The other pastors' kids came with their Mommies and Daddies, too!
We had a lot of fun playing with Grammy Joy's kid toys.

I even got to play with a ball for the first time. Can you believe we don't have any of these at my house?

It was really fun to watch Preston show off his scooter skills.

I even got to try out Preston's helmet.

I sure was in my serious-girl mode on Tuesday night!


Kristine P. said...

Cute pics!

How do you do all done?? Avery was about 9 months or so when she first started and about a year and a few months when I started to stay home with her. Wait...did I already tell you this? LOL

We have been unpacking for like a week now and I have become SO forgetful!

Christina Danner said...

I can't believe how red her hair is!! TOO CUTE!! :)

Tara said...

sorry I was yappin' in the background of the video!