Saturday, February 6, 2010

Party Day

My birthday party has come and gone, but Mommy and Daddy are nowhere near finished with the cleanup! They're okay with that, though, because we had such a fun time partying down today.

Here are some of the party details that Mommy has been working on.

This cutie boa wreath greeted guests at our front door. Tomorrow it will be moved to its permanent home in my nursery.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you've probably seen lots of these guys already.
Mommy took all of my monthday pictures and matted them to colored cardstock. Then, she arranged them with brown grossgain ribbon taped to the back.

This garland was full of pictures of various "firsts" I've experienced throughout the past year.

Here's a closer shot of that garland. These pics were of my "
first lock-out", "first Easter", and "first piano lesson".

There were two vertical "firsts" sets like this. Mommy will be moving them to my nursery, too. She used plain old clothespins to attach the pictures to the ribbon, which will make them super easy to update from time to time.

Another closeup. Here we have "
first act of defiance" and "first road trip".

The mantel decor. Mommy took the flower canvases and name banner from my nursery for this space.

Discovery bottles for all of my kiddo friends. Mommy added blue colored water, marbles, and confetti to these (washed) water bottles. Then, she hot glued the lids and added some blue curling ribbon.

The yummy food table!

Beautiful cake made by "Aunt" Michele. This was almost too cute to cut!

See that little pink candle on the left with the ribbon wrapped around it? Keep it in the corner of your mind. I'll tell you more about it in a bit.

We're all ready to party!
Can you tell what our favorite colors are right now?

I was so excited about all of the people who came to see me that I forgot to pull my bow off.

Okay, now you pull that candle out of your mind's corner. At one of the baby showers thrown for Mommy when she was pregnant, the hostesses had each guest write a birthday wish on a strip of paper. They collected all of the wishes and wrapped each one around a pink candle. Mommy brought all of the candles home in a special birthday tin, and each year we'll pull out one candle wish to read on my birthday (or birthday party day).
Here's this year's wish.
If you are the owner of this wish, would you please let me know? There's no signature, and no one at the party claimed it...but I would love to know who it is from.

Once the wish was read, it was time for me to dig into my first bit of cake. Michele's work is just as yummy as it is pretty!

I was too engrossed in my cake to be bothered by posing for the camera.

As soon as I was "all done" with my cake, Mommy took me to the bathroom for a quick rinse in the tub. Then, it was back into my party dress and out into the living room for present time. I made quite a haul!

Thank you to all of my family and friends who joined me on this special day. You have all been a big part of my life thus far, and I am so happy that you were able to celebrate with me!


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Darling!! I love the photo garland, and the cake, the colors, everything. What a special party!

Erin and Chris said...

What a great first birthday party! Katie, your mommy is very creative!

Kristine said...

Your mommy did such a great job with the decorations!I bet it was SO much fun!

Kelly Chambers said...

Everything looked so great! What a special day!

BBMoss said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time. Wish we could have been there.

Martianne said...

Ho cute and fun! I don;t have the time nor energy to make my daughter's third b-day party this weekend so wonderfully decorated as your 1st b-day party was, but I am storing some of your ideas for the future... One thing we always do is have an autograph picture frame with a recent pic of the kids that all guests write a special thought or memory on. It's fun to look back on these from year to year!