Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Animal Antics

I've been on a bit of an animal kick for the last week. It started when I figured out how to make a doggy noise (panting with my mouth open), which was quickly followed by a cow noise (just mmmmm, no oooooo). Mommy has been trying to teach me the noises for monkey and duck, but I haven't been so into those.

Then, this afternoon, I saw some real live ducks at the mall! They weren't yellow with orange beaks, so I didn't realize what they were at first. Once Mommy started quacking at me, though, I figured it out. Mommy also kept pointing at some small green things swimming in the water, but I wasn't interested in them (they didn't make any noises).

Tonight I got to see another new animal when we went over to "Uncle" Ryan and "Aunt" Michele's house. This fluffy thing was great!Can you believe I'd only seen kitties in books before this? I was so excited about meeting Betsy...even though she did work hard to keep her distance from me. Hopefully I didn't turn her off to babies too much. She's going to have one in her house in just a few months!