Saturday, December 12, 2009

Conversation I Overheard While Eating Dinner Last Night

Daddy to Mommy: (spoken in sad tones) Awww. Look what came in the mail today. I'm not ready for this.
Mommy to Daddy: Don't open it. If we don't open it, it won't happen.


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

We got ours on Friday too! Katie-Bug's b-day must be really close to Kate's! 2009 has just flown by.

Anonymous said...

Katie Bug, it is sad that you will grow up too fast, but think of the wonderful things yet to come.
Love you, Grandma

Brooklynn said...

I hope so! I am hoping it just helps with the experience and class management skills so when I do (hopefully) get a teaching job I'll be able to tell them I have been in the classrooom before.

We will's always interesting! :)