Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Best

Watch out! Kate-a-saurus is on the loose!

Actually, I wasn't a Kate-a-saurus at all today. My mood was definitely much more Katie Bug!
This morning, "Aunt" Tara took care of me in the nursery. I had so much fun playing with her, Ian, and Tuesday that I didn't even have time to shed a tear in there!

After morning worship, I took this family photo with Mommy and Daddy.
Later in the afternoon, I decided to dig through my diaper bag. I'm pretty sure this is the pocket where Mommy keeps that yummy looking gum...but I just couldn't find it.

So, I decided to check Mommy's purse.
Nope. No gum today...not that Mommy would have let me try it, anyway!

Then, during dinner, we had a wonderful Christmas suprise. Carolers came to our door! Mommy was so excited for me to be able to enjoy this fun tradition...even if the leader did call me a "cute little guy."


Havard Family said...

People did that with Faith too, even when I had her head to toe pink! I love the Kate-a-saurus picture, so cute!

Kristine P. said...

Love your family picture!!