Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another New Friend

Yesterday I got to meet Mommy's friend Jasmine for the first time. We loved each other!
Mommy says Jasmine is one of the most beautiful people she knows...both inside and out. She is smart, ambitious, witty, and always seeking to please the Lord.

Mommy and Jasmine have been friends since middle school. Mommy thinks this is the first picture they ever took together (that's Auntie's hand, by the way). They sure were looking stylish in their denim tops!

Their looks had matured a bit by the time they were seniors in high school. This picture is from their joint graduation luau.

And here they are last night!

Jasmine, I'm so glad I finally got to meet you! I can't wait to visit you in D.C. some day.


Brooklynn said...

Oh my goodness, Jasmine looks the exact same!