Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My First Christmas Party

Tonight I went to my first Christmas party ever! Mommy and Daddy's young adult group from church was nice enough to let me join them for their annual shindig. Actually, I only joined them for the first part of the shindig. You know...bedtime and all.

Here I am chilling with Daddy and Vanessa. I did have a bow in my hair (I am sure you were wondering), but it didn't last very long.

And look who else was enjoying his first ever Christmas party. It's baby Kaleb! Isn't he a cutie? Kaleb will be four weeks old on Friday.

Speaking of firsts, Mommy and I bought our family's first nativity scene today. Can you believe Mommy and Daddy didn't already have one of these? Mommy says I can play with this one when I get a little bit older. Auntie, however, is concerned about the fact that Baby Jesus is
the same size as the cow.
One of the members of our church has a very extensive nativity collection (35 at last count). This Christmas season, he brought some of them up to our choir room to share. Mommy and I checked them out tonight. Here are a few of our favorites.

This was a Willow Tree set. Mommy has yet to meet a Willow Tree figurine she didn't like. She had never seen this set before. It was really big!

This wooden set was teeny, tiny.

And this interactive, kid friendly set had plastic figurines & a pop-up backdrop!
Thanks for sharing your nativity sets with us, Mr. Wayne!


robineilene said...

You need to get Katie bug the veggie tales nativity! It is sooo cute! Baby Jesus is a carrot! ;)

The Bradshaw's said...

I was just about to post what Robin has posted. We say the V.T. nativity at the Family Christian store yesterday. Austin loved it