Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

Since it is Christmas Eve already, I thought I should share some of my Christmas decorations with you.
Mommy really scaled down the Christmas decor this year. She purged our Christmas tubs of anything that lacked meaning for our family...and she plans to stick with this newfound simplicity in the years to come.
I know I've already shared this one with you, but I just love it! Mommy and Daddy only made 2 new Christmas decor purchases this year, with this nativity set being one of them.

Yes, you've alredy seen this one, too. Even though our tree has a theme, each of the ornaments holds special meaning to Mommy and Daddy. Half of them were purchased on October 25, 2007...the day Mommy and Daddy closed on our home. The other half were gifts from friends or family.

Here's our Christmasy mantle. This year it's housing all of our breakable ornaments. Hmmm, I wonder why?
The Christmas cards we receive get showcased here, as well. Maybe next year Mommy will get it together enough to send out Christmas cards of our own.
The two stockings on the end make up the second new Christmas purchase Mommy and Daddy made this year.
(In case you're wondering...that fourth stocking is for Auntie. No suprise annoucements being made in the Moss home this year!)

Here are the decorations I am most excited about! Grandma made these stuffed ornaments for Daddy when he was just a baby. As he grew up, they went on his own special little tree every year. Grandma brought these over to me last week and said I can use them for my own tree (well, the one Mommy and Daddy are going to buy me for next year). Aren't they cute?

That's it for our Christmas the wreath on our front door and the "Emmanuel" banner Mommy made but isn't happy with. It's not much, but every little piece holds significance for the Moss family!