Thursday, December 10, 2009

This week, Mommy's old school did a "Pictures With Santa" fundraiser. Mommy thought it was the perfect opportunity to get my picture taken with the jolly old elf. There were no long lines to wait in (even kindergarteners will let a baby have cuts), no overpriced prints to buy (just $1 a pop), and no strange man wanting me to sit in his lap (the music teacher's husband was Santa).
Mommy forgot the freaked-out-baby factor, though! I was all smiles until I got within arm's reach of Santa...then I turned on the water works.
Santa quickly employed Plan B, though! I'll show you those pictures as soon as Mommy and I pick them up.
Until then, here are two cutie shots Mimi snapped of me in the school library.
This Santa wasn't nearly as scary!
Watch out cousin Micah and friend Ian...I'm working on a Top Model pose of my own!

When we got home, I picked out a few books for Mommy to read.
This is Mommy's favorite page of "Little Sheep, Time to Sleep."

And this is my favorite page of "B is for Bear".

Here's another new favorite of mine. I love to look out our dining room windows. It's becoming my post-meal ritual.


Anonymous said...

She is so cute, I just can't stand it!!! Grandma