Friday, July 30, 2010

Illinois Family Photo Shoot

My family is thrilled with the professional family photos we had done while we were in Illinois.  Here's a sample of some of the shots.

I think I only cracked a smile in about 5% of the pics.  I was in a very no-photos-please-I-want-my-Mommy mood that night!

Ahh, there's that crooked smile my parents love!  It only took an old, paint splattered ladder to bring it out.

In case you're interested, our wonderful photographer, Kara Kamienski, has posted a few more of our photos on her blog.

And I can't forgot to give a big thanks to all of you who shared your opinions on my outfit for the shoot!  As you can see, we decided to go with the denim dress from "Aunt" Michele and "Uncle" Ryan.  The red pouf bow was actually borrowed from Kara....that girl came prepared, I tell ya'! 

Thanks to a recommendation from another mommy on, we were also able to find a great brown dress at a Crazy 8 store.  Poppy actually made the thirty minute trek to Crazy 8 the night before we headed to IL, so I need to say "thanks" to him, too!


Kristine said...

Really cute!! I love the ones on the photographers blog also!

Kelly Chambers said...

I love the pictures! They turned out great. Katelyn's outfits were perfect!

Bradshaw's Buzz said...

wonderful pictures! Can't wait to see more