Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Shape of Things to Come

As I mentioned a while back, Mommy will be making a return to the classroom soon.  In an effort to make the most of her last few months at home with me, she told herself she didn't even have to think about setting up a new classroom until July.  Well, guess what?  It's July...and Mommy's teacher brain is kicking into high gear!

A few weeks ago, "Aunt" Tara took Mommy and I on a tour of the school Mommy will start teaching at next month. (You're right, it wasn't July yet.  The visual side of that teacher brain just had to have a mental image of what to expect.) Tara has taught there for six or so years, so she is an expert on the campus.

The most important stop on the tour was the classroom Tara thinks will be Mommy's for the upcoming academic year. 

  It doesn't look like much right now...but Mommy is hoping to transform it into an inviting learning environment.

Thankfully, our attic is home to an arsenal of teachery supplies.  There really isn't too much that Mommy will need to purchase to set up her room...but, of course, there are always a few things that a teacher needs to buy before a new school year gets off the ground.  Here's what Mommy and I have picked up so far:

Mini pocket chart, desk nameplates, personal nametags,

beverage stirrers (for students to use as pointers while reading), motivational stickers, word strips, and funky sunglasses (which Mommy will somehow incorporate into her reading instruction).

Mommy was thrilled to find all of these items for $1 each.  Thank you, Target $ Bins and Dollar Tree!  I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of you two in the days ahead.