Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Outtakes

The photos that usually get published here have been carefully chosen, cropped, and edited just a teeny bit.  Mommy takes hundreds of pictures each month, but only my favorites actually end up being seen.

Just for kicks, though, I thought I'd show you a few the not-so-great shots we ended up with yesterday while trying to take a nice Father's Day pic.

The cheese stands alone.

This is Daddy's "focused on technology" face.

Daddy was intent on getting the clicker thingy to work correctly.

Oooh, so close!


The Bradshaw's said...

what have you been featured in Tip Junkie for? I would love to read it

Katie Bug said...

Well, I kind of jumped the gun on that one. Katelyn's birthday party is going to be featured this Thursday. The button was burning a whole in my email inbox, though, so I just had to go ahead and add it!

The Bradshaw's said...

oh wow I can't wait to see it on Thursday. Interested to see it. Of course it doesn't surprise me - Mrs Crafty Momma