Friday, June 4, 2010

Remember when Dr. Hull told Mommy and Daddy that my tantrums would get longer? 
Remember how some of Mommy's friends with older toddlers commented that they have experienced the tantrum lengthening firsthand? 

Well, Mommy and Daddy can now officially join the ranks of parents who have survived a tantrum-o-rama!

What would spark such a tantrum from a cute little Bug like me, you ask?

Only this fabulous pool...

Once it appeared to my wondering eyes, I did not take kindly to being told that I had to eat dinner before being able to play in it.  In fact, as soon as I was carried from Gramma and Grampa's backyard back into their house, I quickly became a Kate-a-saurus!

Seriously, how can all of my grownups not give in to a face like this?  I even signed "please"!

Thankfully, those grownups do know how to help me firm up from a meltdown.  Once Grampa whisked me outside, I was able to morph back into a Katie Bug.

(In case you're wondering, he took me to the front yard.  I really did have to wait until after dinner to play in that pool of perfection.)


The Bradshaw's said...

Good job for everyone being firm and not giving in. How sad and sweet that she even signed please. Yes it will get worse, they get bigger and can now understand (or start to) consequences. But we've been firm on how to act and what's appropriate/what isn't so thankfully our bad days are few and far between. Parenting toddlers is such a joy LOL

Bri said...

Ahh, my friends little girl is right at the same age and is throwing some awesome tantrums as well! Sometimes it's hard not to laugh!

And thanks for sharing your dairy experience! How long did it take for you to notice a difference in her? Did you have her tested at the doctor's office too?