Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mimi!

Today is Mimi's birthday!  

My family (minus Gramma...that lucky duck is with Cousin Micah this week) helped Mimi celebrate her birthday last night by hitting up Boudreaux's Cajun Kitchen.  The restaurant ended up being a bit more casual than Mimi expected it to be...but you know that worked out perfectly for me!  No one minded the little red head walking between the tables. 

Mimi really wanted to get a pic of me putting my hand on my hip.  As you can see, I was having none of that! 

I was, however, having a saltine or two (or four) while we waited for our dinner selections to be served. 

After our Cajun dinner, we headed back home so the grownups could top off their bellies with a yummy Italian Creme Cake made by Mommy.

Happy birthday, Mimi!  Thank you for loving me since the day I was born*!
*Technically, this picture is from 7 days after I was born. I know you loved me from day 1, though.


Mimi said...

Thanks for helping me celebrate! I Love being with my family anywhere. Thanks to mommy for the scrumptious Italian Cream Cake it was awesome and a keeper.