Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Monthday to Me!

Can you believe that I turned 16 months old on Friday?!
Here are some things you should know about me at 16 months:

I still wear 12-18 month clothes.  I'm finishing up my last few size 3 diapers, though, and then I'll be moving on to size 4.

I love to be around other kids.

I have made peace with the church nursery...except for the few times I have been the only kiddo in my class.  In that case, I can pretty much guarantee an automatic meltdown.

"Bath", "motorcycle", "thank you", and "baby" have all been added to my sign language vocabulary.

I've had a bit of a vocabulary explosion this month.  These words are now erupting from my mouth:
Mimi (used for Mimi & Gramma)    
Poppa (used for Poppy & Grampa, and always spoken in a whisper)    
zoo                                    "Yiya" (Alyssa)
"Eye-a" (Ian)                      "Beby" (Becky)
mine                                  "burse" (purse)
"ice" (eyes)                        beep beep                    
"num num" (yum yum)       "wash" (watch)    
"kiki" (kids)                        "piboo" (peekaboo)         
"dash" (crash)                    "sus" (Jesus)                 
baby                                  "wawa" (water)    
"Lelelele" (Leila)                "nankoo" (thank you)         
"KK" (Katelyn)                           up

I love to dance...and I'm not bad at it, either.

I am allowed to watch a little bit of TV now!  This is my default TV watching pose. 
Mommy and Daddy love it because it's 15 minutes of uninterrupted cuddle time.

I can finally reach the big girl books on the top shelf of my bookcase.  Mommy is less than thrilled with this particular development.

"Little Miss Muffet" is my favorite nursery rhyme.  I like to scream when the spider frightens Miss Muffet away.

"The B-I-B-L-E", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and "Mr. Sun" still top out my song hit list.

Rockin' out to Greg and Steve's "We All Live Together, Volume 2" is one of my favorite daily pastimes.