Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Auntie!

Thursday was Auntie Alyssa's 25th birthday!  Her coworkers helped her celebrate by:

A.  Suprising her with a speech pathologist dressed in a Spongebob costume*.
B.  Suprising her with a delicious homemade red velvet cake.
C.  Suprising her with a Target gift card, Gerbera Daisy bouquet, and Chipotle lunch.

Those Baylor therapists are crazy, I tell ya'!  I guess that's why Auntie fits in so well there.

Last night was our big family celebration of Auntie's special day.  She really wanted to try out a "cool" eatery...but when a toddler is part of your dining party (and Auntie was adamant that my presence was non-negotiable) it seriously limits the "cool" resaurants that will welcome you with open arms.  Auntie and Mommy were finally able to settle on a place that would accomodate Auntie's need for cool & my need to be me...but then I woke up with a fever and totally threw the plans out of whack.

Never you fear, though.  We just moved on to Plan B and had a nice little Carino's dinner here at home.  Of course, no birthday dinner is complete without a BFF...which is why Staci suprised Auntie by coming into town for the weekend.  Can you tell Auntie was thrilled to see her?  She was absolutely shocked when Staci walked through the door!

The suprises weren't over yet, though, because  Mommy had also secretly invited Danielle over for dessert.  Auntie was really glad to see her face, too. 
Take it from me...there is no shortage of laughter when these 3 ladies get together!

And, in case you're wondering, here's a shot of the brownie cheesecake Mommy made for dessert. 
Unfortunately, it was semi-disappointing. Mommy's not giving up on it yet, though! She thinks it just needs a few tweaks to bring out its hidden yum potential.

Happy Belated Birthday, Auntie! I know birthdays are a big deal to you, and I hope this one was all that you dreamed it would be.
*Two of the speech paths knew how much Auntie hates people dressed in costume.  They tried to get Chick-Fil-A to let them borrow the cow costume (because that one scares Auntie to death), but the CFA manager didn't buy into thier "great marketing opportunity".