Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I...had...the time of my liiife!

I had the.most.fun.ever this past weekend. 

"What could possibly have delighted a toddler so?" you ask.  Well, here's a hint...

Can you believe it?  Mommy and Daddy took me camping!  For two nights!

But wait...Here's the best part... 

We went camping with my Cousin Micah, Aunt Becky, and Uncle Brian!

Isn't that great?!

At this point I can hear you asking, "How does one keep a toddler entertained while camping for two nights?"

Well, that's easy. Because where we went camping there were lots of rocks to pick up (and attempt to eat),

plenty of dirt to get under your fingernails (and ruin your onesie with),

tents to play in (while holding a rock in your hand, of course),

rivers to discover (under a protective layer of sunblock and your daddy's watchful eye)

and hammocks for lounging (this mini hammock was actually at Micah's house, but Uncle Brian did bring two hammocks to our campsite).

We also swam in a big pool, Micah's little blow up pool, and Micah's little blow up pool in the river.  Oh, and we went on a bike ride, too! 

Mommy just didn't get any pictures of those activities because she was too busy enjoying herself. 

Or maybe it was because she was too busy trying to keep a toddler out of the campfire.  Hmm, I don't even remember now.

This last picture was taken in Micah's sandbox before we headed out to our campsite.  Mommy thinks it shows just how much we are starting to look like each other.   
What do you think? Can you tell we are cousins?


Kelly Chambers said...

Sounds like ya'll had a great time! I think Katelyn looks ALOT like her cousin! How fun to see how they change!