Friday, June 11, 2010

Show Us Your Life: China Patterns

This week's Show Us Your Life topic is china patterns.
When Mommy and Daddy were married almost 7 years ago, they chose Mikasa's Parchment pattern for their fine china.  Mommy thought this was a great pattern because it's fairly timeless.
For Mommy and Daddy's first anniversary, my Grands suprised them by completing their china set!  Would you believe that even though they have more than enough fine china to eat off of they have never, ever used it?
Mommy says it's because she's afraid that if she takes even one piece out of the box she'll never be able to get it back in.  So, I guess we'll start eating on these beautiful dishes when Mommy and Daddy get around to buying a hutch to display them in.

Thankfully, our everyday dishes are pretty pleasing to the eyes.
This pattern is Candy Apple by Noble Excellence.  We have all of the pieces except for the square plates (Mommy was worried that they were too trendy) and we get compliments on them all the time.  Isn't that footed cereal bowl fun?

Speaking of fun, here is my personal china pattern.  It's made by Sassy and is called Dippin' Diner Plate Set.  You can find it at fine retailers around the know places like Walmart and Target.


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

I love the dipper plates! So cool!

Your big-people china is very nice too. We actually use our nice stuff (Lenox Opal Innocence) once or twice a year. One of the benefits of being a pastor's family is that the family comes to you on church-centered holidays!