Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Bookworms

Yesterday, Mommy and I went back to the library for Baby Bookworm story time. It was even more fun than last time!

The librarian read 3 nursery rhyme books to us, and then she pulled out the most wonderful toys ever! There were rubber duckies, juggling scarves, ribbon streamers, and the crawling tunnel.

The duckies capture my interest first. I loved chomping on them.

There was a big Mama ducky and 3 little baby duckies. I told Mommy she needs to add these to my bath toy collection.

After I played with the ducky for a while I crawled over to the tunnel. Mommy though I was just going to sit at the opening again...

but I suprised her!

I saw another baby on the other end of the tunnel and I crawled through it to get to him. Mommy was so proud of me!

I spent a good 10 minutes crawling in the tunnel, and then I discovered this scarf.

It's a good thing the librarian cleans all of the toys after each Baby Bookworm session.

I can't wait to go back in 2 weeks!


Havard Family said...

What a cute idea! What's the age limit? Ryder is 2 and I watch a 2 year old girl, Kadence Mon-Thurs. I'm sure this would be a fun 'day out' for them.

Bradshaw's Buzz said...

How fun! Where is this!? I took Austin to the storytime at the Mansfield library and it was very boring! This looks great! (19 mo)

Rachel Moss said...

Baby Bookworms is geared towards babies through 17 months, but there is a story time for newborns through 5 year olds also. We've been to that once and it was really fun, too. I'll email you the details.