Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mommy and Daddy's school pictures


This week, the Show Us Your Life topic at Kelly's Korner is "School Pictures". Here are some I found of Daddy and Mommy.

Here is his kindergarten graduation photo from the mid '80s. Don't I look just like him?

This picture is from his kindergarten graduation program. My Daddy is just a doll!

Mommy may not have been as cutie as Daddy, but she sure was an overachiever right from the start! Here she is right before heading off to the first day of kindergarten. She was practicing raising her hand for the camera...what a goober! Check out those cool bangs.

A few years later, Mommy's science fair project won Grand Prize at her elementary school and 2nd place in the District's science fair. I'm pretty sure she has Poppy to thank for that one!

Fast forward a few years with me. Here is a picture of Daddy and Uncle Brian at Daddy's high school graduation.

And Mommy and Daddy at Mommy's high school graduation. They look so liiiitle.

Before they know it, Mommy and Daddy will be snapping pictures of me on the first day of kindergarten!