Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter

Sunday I told you about how I am musical like Daddy. Well, in order to be fair, I need to let you know that I am a bookworm and organizer like Mommy.

The first time I ever crawled it was because I was trying to reach a book. Mommy was reading Baby Giggles to me and I wanted to turn the pages myself!

Every morning Mommy reads the Bible while she eats her breakfast and I play with my toys. Well, the past few days I have been crawling towards and trying to eat her Bible. I guess I am already hungry for the Word of God!
Here is a video of Daddy reading a book to me this afternoon. He and Mommy were so proud that I figured out how to press the button to make the book say "Hello!" Mommy was a little slow in getting the camera out, though, so you won't be able to see all of my skills here.

I also helped Mommy clean and organize Daddy's costume drawer today. That's right... my Daddy has a costume drawer. It is full of things Daddy says he needs to have on hand in case he ever has to pull together a costume.

Here are a few things Mommy and I found in the drawer today: 5 red bandanas, 1 blue bandana, 2 wigs, 3 70's era ties, 1 pair of rainbow suspenders, 1 red bowtie and cumberbund, 1 stretchy red belt, 1 weightlighting glove, 1 beard, 1 helicopter mechanic's coat, 1 blue scrub top, 3 Royal Ranger (kind of like Boy Scouts) acheivement badges.

Don't worry Daddy...we only threw a few things away!