Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Best

Here I am right before my morning nap. I didn't actually wear this bow to church, though. Mommy swapped it out for the cutie white korker she made for me last week. It wasn't asking me to pull at it quite as much as this big 'ol guy.

Today was a big day at the Lighthouse! It was family worship, missions, baptism, and communion Sunday! And I didn't even have to go to the nursery! Since I've had a runny nose for the past few days Mommy decided to take me to the service with her.

Of course, I wasn't really able to sit quietly through the whole thing. I did, however, make it through worship, announcements, and baptisms before I decided it was time to talk to Mommy. She took me to the "cry room" (even though I wasn't crying) so I could talk all I wanted while she listened to the service through the intercom.

Mommy loves baptism and communion Sundays! She and Daddy are praying for and looking forward to the day I understand those two ordinances.