Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today was Daddy's 2*th birthday! I woke him up bright and early with the "Happy Birthday" song and the present I made for him. A few weeks ago, Mommy and I were very sneaky and made a Shutterfly photo book for Daddy's birthday. I've been hiding it in my nursery since it came in the mail...it was sooo hard to wait to give it to Daddy.

Here are a few pictures and captions from the book.
Daddy and Katelyn: A Love Story.

You loved me from the moment you laid eyes on me.

You quickly learned how to wrap me up and calm me down.

You let me chillax with you.

You cuddle with me in the morning.

You cry with me.

You gaze with me.

You tell me you love me.

You will always be my daddy...

and I will always be your baby girl.
Happy birthday, Daddy! I love you so much.

Today is also Poppy's birthday. Can you believe they were born on the same day (of different years, of course)?
Happy birthday, Poppy! I love you, too.


Rikki said...

How very sweet!!!!

Cooper Chambers said...

What a good Daddy! Happy birthday Jeremy!

Brooklynn said...

What a great present for him Rachel! He will love that having that as the years roll on!

Brandi said...

I LOVE that book... I was getting teary eyed reading it... maybe my I'll have a baby girl for my man too:)