Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Playing at the Park

Friday night we met the Ortiz family at a local park. It is the perfect sized park for little babies and toddlers.
I was so excited about this trip because Mommy and Daddy put me in a playground baby swing for the first time! If you look closely, you can see the wind whipping through my hair.
Daddy took me on a ride in the real big girl swing, too!

I was also excited about this trip because I love the Ortiz family! Every time we get together with them I have so much fun. Uncle Oscar is always super sweet to me (see pic below), Aunt Tara knows just what toys I like to play with, and Preston and Ian are great play partners.

Unfortunately, our fun was cut short by mosquitos (you can kind of see Mommy's wrist and tricep bites here) and bedtime. I'm looking forward to my next park outing, though!


Mary said...

She has gotten so big! I need to take Judah to the park tomorrow. We have yet to go (besides birthday parties, but I just eat and leave, usually... such bad etiquette, I know!!)

The Bradshaw's said...

OMG The swings are Austin's favorite park activity!! We need to meet up and take the kids to the park one day :-)

Rikki said...

The mosquitos around here are like dinosaurs!!! It is NUTS! We went to the park earlier today...we were the only ones there. What park do you go to? By the way, no, my Gage's mommy is Brandy.

Katie Bug said...

Tanya- Meeting at the park would be great! Katelyn loves to watch older kids play.
Rikki- I'm not sure what the name of this park is. It's a fairly new one on the south side of town, off Matthew Road.