Wednesday, September 16, 2009


One of the many perks of Mommy staying home with me is that we get to go on fun playdates. We've had 4 playdates in the last month and I loved each one!

Here are a few playdate highlights:

I had fun "sharing" with Ian. Mommy was suprised that I was already most interested in the toys someone else was using.

Preston entertained me with a few drum solos.

I loved Ian and Preston's car jumper!

Baby Adalyn and Robin came to see me at my house. Adalyn was only 5 weeks old! I really liked looking at her...but Mommy decided not to let me get too close after I pulled her hair.

Mommy and I have gone to Cooper and Kelly's house to play twice. Cooper doesn't even mind when I put his toys in my mouth!

I'm looking forward to lots more play dates this year!


Rikki said...

Okay, I have a friend who is friends with Robin (Adalyn's Mommy). I wonder if we live close??!!!

Katie Bug said...

I wondered that when you said your daughter's pedi was on maternity leave!
I will send you an email.